MS Office 2013 – Library of 15 Interactive Courses

Sign up for our wonderful Interactive eLearning self-study courses for Microsoft Office 2013 and have access to 353 lessons, 177 hours of study and 15 interactive courses which covers all the Microsoft Office 2013 suite. You will receive 12 months’ internet access.

The advent of the internet has transformed education and you no longer have to attend a classroom course or be prejudiced because you live in a rural area.

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The way of preparing documents in their electronic version has become an extension of their author. Therefore, this process should be taken quite seriously. In order to create a well-designed document that will be applicable also by other users, you need a decent knowledge of the whole suite of common office programs.

The presented Microsoft Office suite has established a widely respected standard in this area through years. At the moment, it represents the widest and most purchased offer of software used in enterprise, education and households.

This library of interactive courses provides you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with five most popular applications of the Microsoft Office suite. Each set of courses begins with the basic notions concerning the program interface and its manipulation, followed by the creation of a specific type of documents and their editing, up to the use of more advanced tools that enable you to manage your files on a professional level. Each of the interactive lessons always tackles one specific issue.

After getting acquainted with the tools and processes related to it, you can immediately practice the acquired knowledge in the real application.

Several quiz questions included at the end then help you realise whether you have mastered the topic or you need to review the content.

List of Courses

MS Office 2013 – Library of 15 Interactive Courses Buy Now

The courses are designed for corporate training, continuing education and career changers. They are available for online study.

Courses typically comprise a series of lessons and a final test. Each lesson includes an interactive tutorial based on a simulation of the application, a supplementary exercise and a brief quiz for reinforcing and verifying the learner’s acquired knowledge.


Tutorial – the principal component of each course emulates the application you wish to learn. The instructions are displayed in the same window as the application and are simultaneously read aloud. The tutorial also includes the tasks that the student is required to fulfil in the simulated application in order to complete the lesson.


Exercise – a series of assignments to be completed in the real program in order to practice the skills covered in the tutorial. This training usually includes a source file and another file that shows the correct result of the exercise.


Test – a final test at the end of each course checks the knowledge of the learner with the option to print a completion certificate. A set of questions can also be provided at the beginning of each course to help the student to decide which lessons to study.

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